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The Climb by Crytek Coming to Oculus Rift

2016 is getting closer and platforms like Oculus, PlayStation VR, and HTC Vive/Steam VR are vying to release the best virtual reality game titles at launch. Although there should be a good amount of game titles that launch on multiple platforms, Oculus gets to chalk up an exclusive with Crytek’s...

Peter Deng Instagram

Instagram Director Of Product Peter Deng Joins Oculus

Peter X. Deng, “Director of Product” at Facebook-owned Instagram, is leaving the photo service to become “Head of Product Management” at Oculus. “There are very few companies that have the opportunity to define the future of how we interact with each other and with the world,” Deng wrote in a...


Oculus Medium is the future of creativity

When I exited the Oculus Medium demo people told me I looked shell-shocked and, indeed, my mind was exploding with possibilities after I had experienced the sheer ecstasy of being taught by another person, while in a virtual environment, how to sculpt with my hands. On traditional computers, 3D modeling...