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Oculus 1.0 Audio SDK beta

The sound inside VR experiences is getting a major upgrade with the 1.0 beta release of an Audio SDK from Oculus. The new software should make it easier for developers to add immersive sound to their apps as Facebook’s VR division moves closer to a finalized platform for the launch...

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Oculus Touch’s Toybox

A new video from Oculus VR that took a look at the Oculus Touch position-tracked controllers for the Oculus Rift virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD). The video showcased the Toybox software that the company has been exhibiting with the device at various events around the world over the past...


AMD, Oculus VR and Dell for VR Ready PC’s

AMD has announced a collaboration with Oculus VR and Dell to equip Oculus Ready PCs with AMD Radeon GPUs, starting at $999 USD. The PCs will be designed to deliver high-end gaming performance and enable virtual reality (VR) experiences for consumers straight out the box. The collaboration will allow customers...